How can I password protect my website / folders ?
Path to imagemagick / imagick, how to use ImageMagick
How to edit/change/add CNAME or any other DNS records?
How to use remote MySQL?
How to use shared SSL?
Where to point my domain?
403 Forbidden error was encountered
How to host multiple domains?
Is Java supported here?
MySQL timeout errors
Do you have SFTP?
Do you support innodb?
Mail goes to spam folder
How to block IP using .htaccess file?
How to enable wildcard subdomains?
Problems using Outlook Express
How to import/export database?
How to install scripts?
Do you support FFMPEG?
What payment methods do you accept?
What domain name extensions can I host?
Function such as exec() has been disabled for security reasons
What is the path to my root (home base) directory? Can it be changed?
How can I get root access?
Can you install Zend Optimizer or ionCube?
Do you allow warez linking?
Global server time
Can I edit php.ini?
Where can I see CPU usage logs?
How to enable domain privacy?
Can not delete file .pureftpd-upload
How to transfer my free domain to another registrar?
What is the limit for sending emails?
Can I install ruby gems?
Do you support Ruby on Rails?
How to run cronjob?
How to change cPanel password?
How to cancel account?
Do you provide phone support?
How to add addon domain?
I get file permission problems
What languages does your support team speak?
Are there any long term contracts?
How to transfer my website to your server?
Website builder does not work properly
What are the differences between subdomain, parked domain and add-on domain?
Do you support Frontpage Extensions?
Can you install additional PHP modules?
Where are your servers and company located?
Do you register international domains?
How can I get a coupon code (discount)?
Where can I see a list of autoinstaller scripts?
Do you support ASP?
Do you support flash sites?
Do you support Python?
Can I run cgi and/or perl scripts on my website?
Can I get shell access?
How often do you make backups?
Do you provide MSSQL support?
"Unable to read 0 bytes in FILE_NAME.php on line 0" error
How do I disable directory listings ('index of' page)?
How do I access webmail?
Do you provide billing software?
Is disk space/traffic really unlimited?
I was suspended for mass mail
How to create an .htaccess file?
Is cURL installed on your server?
Does server support SSI?
Do you place any forced ads on my website?
Can I place AdSense or other ads on my website?
Can I use temporary URL to access my website?
Do you allow adult content?
Can i install SVN packages ?
Can I pay monthly?
Could you tell me your price list?
How to change file/folder permissions?
Do you offer dedicated servers hosting?
Is mod_rewrite enabled?
Do you offer VPS?
I can not create database with phpMyAdmin
I get 'MySQL server has gone away' error
I get slow download/upload speed!
Help, my account was canceled!
Can I run file sharing or image hosting service?
How to enable register_globals
I get Internal Server Error (500)
Can I install ShoutCast on your server?
I get "421 too many connections" FTP error
What are your server specifications (parameters)?
Do you support gzip?
Do you support mailing lists or mass mail?
Help, my cronjob does not work
How do I submit my website to search engines?
My website can not be found on search engines
Images are not displayed on my website
Can you update php version?
How to edit MX record?
Can I reset my account myself?
I get 'unexpected T_STRING' error
Can I use Dreamweaver to publish my sites?
Do you support FXP?
How to setup default (catch all) email account?
How to integrate webmail into my website?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PRIVATE
I get 'Invalid argument supplied' message
PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare
How to add login form to my website?
Can you offer a custom package for me?
I need information about your affiliate program
Does your hosting support POP3, SMTP or IMAP?
Is there any limit for number of files uploaded? Do you have any inode limit?
Do you offer phplist?
How to create a backup?
How to restore a backup?
Domain does not work with "www"
Do you offer subversion (SVN) hosting?
Do your servers support audio/video streaming?
Do your servers have Flash Media Server installed?
How can I enable SMTP authentication?
Do you offer RVSKin?
How can I edit httpd.conf?
Is your company interested in sponsoring my website?
I want to work in your company. Where can I apply?
What are your file type and file size limits?
I get 'open_basedir restriction in effect, file is not within the allowed path' error
Can you recommend a good billing system for me?
Do you support TomCat?
Do you support ColdFusion?
Help, my website was hacked!
How many accounts do you setup on the same server?
How many customers do you have?
Do you provide Windows hosting?
Can I host domains with special symbols here?
Do your servers support Capistrano?
Have you enabled allow_url_fopen function?
There is a virus on your server!
Can I install my own webmail client?
Can I use AJAX on my website?
Can I install nulled scripts here?
Do you have memcache installed?
Help, I can't install Joomla components!
Can I sell stuff on my website?
Do your servers have anti-ddos protection?
Do you have XSL(T) processor installed?
Do you offer Secure (https) Connection to cPanel?
Is magic_quotes_gpc enabled on your servers?
How can I setup email forwarder?
What is MySQL port?
I see old content after uploading new files
How can I add logo (favicon) near my address bar?
Can I copy/paste HTML code on my files directly?
Do your servers support WebDav/WebDisk?
Can you add/update auto installer scripts?
How to create custom error pages?
Can I setup email auto reply (autoresponder)?
Can I block unwanted incoming emails?
Can I pipe email messages to any file (script)?
My FTP client displays only 1998 or 2000 files, but I have more files
Can I enable anonymous FTP connections?
Can I use SSL with my email accounts?
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXX bytes exhausted
Do you accept customers from all countries?
Help, I deleted some files!
Will my data be lost during upgrade?
Can I send newsletters?
Do you support SSL?
How can I create MySQL trigger?
I get 'Source file could not be read' error in phpmyadmin
Can I use chat scripts on my website?
Can I run commands from command line?
Can I delete my client profile (whole account)?
I get 'User XXX already has more than max_user_connections active connections' error
Can I execute applications on your servers?
Do you support JDBC or ODBC?
Can I get only free domain without hosting?
Can I pay using unverified PayPal account?
Can you renew my domain (registered with other registrar) when it expires?
Is PHP open_basedir enabled?
Do you support Magento?
Do you provide domain masking?
Do you support GD library?
Can I host anime or hentai here?
Do you support Gallery2 script?
Can I install perl/pear extensions?
Where can I see website builder demo ?
Which ecommerce solutions do you offer?
Do you offer pdo and pdo_mysql?
Can I host social websites here?
What is PHP memory_limit ?
Can I host online game scripts here?
Can I run background processes on your server via SSH?
Can I host torrents here?
Which Apache version do you use?
What is your PHP configuration?
Can I host youtube clone scripts here?
Do you support .htaccess override?
PHP safe mode is set to on or off on your servers?
My PHP max_input_time needs to be set to -1
Do you support Mplayer, Mencoder or LAME MP3 Encoder?
Do you support Flv2tool?
Do you support Libogg + Libvorbis?
Do you support DotNetNuke?
Is symlink function enabled?
Can I buy domain only?
Do you have exim running on another port?
How can I add a forum on my website?
Can I compile scripts or run compiled scripts on your server?
Can I run programs used on desktop computer?
Do you accept direct payments via PayPal?
Is gambling content allowed?
How long has your company been in business?
Do you allow HYIP websites?
I can not pay with my credit card or PayPal!
Do you offer demo (trial) accounts?
File downloads time out, please help
PayPal asks me to add credit card
Can I host affiliate based websites here?
How to upload more than one file at a time?
Can I get your package for free?
Do you offer website building tool?
Do you allow p2p connections?
What is max upload file size limit on your servers?
Can you disable auto_prepend_file or auto_append_file ?
Do you have any CPU usage limits?
Is fopen enabled?
My monitoring scripts report site is down
How can I modify database charset?
How can I change page encoding?
Do you support wildcard subdomains?
I do not see .htaccess file
Can I have multiple FTP accounts?
Where can I see cPanel or WHM demo?
Do you accept PTC sites?
Can I prepay for hosting service or domains?
Do you accept GPT sites?
Do your servers support mono?
Can your servers handle SHTML pages?
Why can't I reactivate my account?
Where can I see your features list?
Do you offer bulletproof hosting?
How can I setup email account?
How can I find my computer IP address?
I see 'CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated' error message
How to build a new website?
I forgot members area password, please help.
Do you support PostgreSQL?
How to prevent file permission issues?
How can I park domains?
Can I choose any payment period I want?
Do you have any file to download in order to test server speed?
Do you support SourceGuardian?
My FTP does not work
How can I get started?
I can not open txt and exe files
Help, my AdSense ads is not being displayed
Can I add multimedia content on my website?
I can't verify my website using Google Webmaster tools
I see "can't accept more than 5 connections as the same user" error
I see MySQL error 'exceeded the max_updates resource'
I see question marks and weird symbols on my site
I can upload only 2 MB files
I see 'Warning: ftp_mkdir() failed' error
Do you cancel websites for inactivity?
How can I run MySQL query manually?
What is SSL?
How to setup Directory Listing
Can I host script such as RapidLeech?
Is Red5 server supported?
Can additional ports be opened?
Are sockets supported?
Can I use rsync?
What is my host directory?
Do You support Dolphin?
Why does the nameserver update not work?
Does PHP mail() function work?
What MySQL storage engines are supported on your servers?
Are MySQL heap tables supported?
What is your POP/SMTP information?
What perl version do you use?
How can I monetize my website?
Do you support SQLite extension?
I get access denied errors when importing database via phpmyadmin
I see 'Maximum execution time of XXX seconds exceeded' error message
Can I automate backups?
Can you change my domain?
Can you show me an example of site hosted with you?
How to disable magic quotes? (by using .htaccess)
Can you register domain for me?
How do I set new mysql Database/user up?
Can I install additional webmail themes?
Can you enable traceroute?
How to create a full backup on my pc?
Problem: Browser tries to download PHP file
I see 'supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource' error message
I see 'Cannot modify header information - headers already sent' error message
How can I protect source code of my website?
I see 'syntax error, unexpected $end' error message
I see 'cannot send session cache limiter' error
Can you offer a VPN connection for me?
How to install SSL certificate?
How do I flush DNS?
When will you claim my PayPal payment?
Why does the login to additional FTP account fail?
My new MX record does not work
I want to point MX record to an IP address
Is multi-domain SSL supported?
What is your MySQL server timeout?
I cannot access my website! (because of IP Ban)
Is FastCGI supported on your servers?
Could you optimize my website for search engines?
I receive "unexpected T_STRING" in XXX at Line 1 (if client is using iWeb)
I see HTTP code 200 when debugging my website
MySQL server does not work! (User gets Error 28)
Do you have zlib installed?
How can I recover MySQL password?
Can timezone be changed via .htaccess?
How to change login email or password for members area?
What RAID is being used?
Is fsockopen enabled?
Is CREATE VIEW operation supported on your MySQL server?
Can I lift CPU usage by paying more?
What are my nameserver IPs?
Access denied for user 'xxx'@'localhost'
How can I configure website redirects?
Can I host game cheats and hacks?
Can I host proxy sites here?
Do you support SmartFoxServer?
Is wildcard SSL supported?
Is .htacess supported?
Do you offer offshore hosting?
Do you support PHPmotion?
Is PHP SOAP Enabled?
Is dl() function enabled?
.hu TLD registry requirements
How to access cPanel?
Firefox error: The page is not redirecting properly (endless loop case)
My emails do not reach yahoo / hotmail / live mail!
Can I install PECL id3 on your servers?
Cron Job is not working on Drupal installation
Can I create VNC server on your hosting?
Can you install APC (Alternative PHP Cache) on the server?
Do you have Lunics installed on your servers?
Can I use SSH tunneling here?
Can you merge my two accounts?
Can you change suhosin.request.max_vars value?
Do you support CRE LOADED?
Can you enable mod_layout on my account?
Do you support JSON?
Do you accept payments via Miva merchant?
I get error "Failed to copy/move file"
Can I install PHP Fusion here?
FTP keeps timing out (for inactivity)
How to turn off PHP errors?
Can you install MagickWand for PHP
How many mysql user connections do you allow (at the same time)?
Where can I see my website logs?
How can I change my MySQL database collation?
How to make directory / file writable?
How to set up google apps?
I can not extract .rar files via cPanel file manager
Do you support mysqli or mcrypt?
Do you support SimpleXML?
How to disable mod_security?
Do you support Elgg (CMS) on your servers?
How do I change my website builder template to another?
Do you suport Video Whisper ?
Do you support VidiScript?
How do I use .htaccess file?
Can you install geoip PECL module for PHP?
Could you provide me domain check script?
Can I connect to my hosting control panel from mobile device?
Do you support php_imap?
Do you support OpenSSL?
How can I fix/repair and optimize database myself?
I want to discuss the issues on the phone
Is eyeOS supported?
My website texts (from files) show up as "???" (incorrect encoding)
Is APE server supported?
Is Plone supported?
Is curl supported with https (Curl SSL)?
What is my database socket path?
Can you enable / disable allow_url_include?
Do you offer dedicated IPs?
Why can't I edit all server settings?
Can I create multiple logins to my cPanel for my friends?
Do you support foreign keys in phpmyadmin?
Do you support Mp4Box?
How to disable output_buffering?
Do you support Zend?
Where can I find error logs for my account?
Do you support suPHP, suApache, suexec or suhosin?
Where can I see the templates that you offer?
Do you support OmniBase?
Do you support Smalltalk?
Do you support GCC compiler
Do you support qsappend / QSA redirects on .htaccess?
Do you support opencart?
Is mhash supported?
I see blank / white page (if website is based on PHP)
Can PECL ssh2 be installed?
Do you support AC3, AAC, VORBIS, OGG, x264, xvid, divx or win32 codecs?
Do you support redmine?
Can DNS clustering be enabled?
Do you support phpSHIELD?
Where is the configuration file for my script located?
Where can I read TOS (Terms of Service)?
How to add file extension to MIME types?
Do you support timthumb?
Too many tables
My account got canceled for slow MySQL queries
Do you support Postini antispam?
How to fix e-mail sending and receiving? Email is going to SPAM folders.
How to change MYSQL username or password
Do you support nginx?
Why was my (paid) forum canceled? (valid for vB, IPB etc.)
How to disable short open tags?
How can I change the server my account is on?
I get ECONNREFUSED error on FileZilla
Do you support wordpress mu? How to install it?
What is the database information_schema I can see in my phpMyAdmin, do i need it?
Can you enable TLS stream socket transport on PHP?
I need to send mass mail, can I use external SMTP (like google)?
My Wordpress was hacked, how to reset my admin password?
I get a "Disk full" error
Other errors
How do I extract compressed files?
Why does a password-protected directory ask twice for the password?
How to optimize Joomla for better performance?
How to auto configure FTP client?
Round cube shows blank "From" address or Sender field is blank
Error establishing a database connection
Can I pay via xoom?
I cannot receive/send emails
What is PHP execution time?
What is maximum outgoing mail message size?
Do you support iconv?
Can I access phpMyAdmin directly?
How many files can I store in one folder?
Can I run SocialEngine?
Can I run scgi scripts?
What is email message size limit?
I cannot connect to FTP (EACCES - Permission denied)
Are booters allowed?
My account was suspended for having spam/junk records on database
Can I run redis with shared hosting plans?
How to turn off PHP error reporting?
How do I fix content encoding error?
Do you support Zend Framework?
Do you support CloudFlare?
Is Latex supported?
Chmod 600 does not protect my files
Facebook displays incorrect preview when I share my website
Can I set up vhosts on your hosting?
How many cron jobs can I setup?
Help with random templates
Stop Forum Spam
How much does it cost to register a new domain?
Can Django be installed here?
Do you support ClipBucket
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax
Do you allow UDP protocol?
What is the time zone of your servers?
How to set up my email account on smartphone
Is Phar supported
Do you support podcasts?
How to remove the suspected malware/phishing warning message from my website?
SMF forums show content encoding error
My site does not work with this PHP version
Is owncloud supported?
Resource Limit Is Reached
How to upload my website?
How to reset email account password?
What is the MySQL hostname?
How many MX records may I have?
I was suspended for mass mail, help me identify the cause!
How many email recipients may I have?
How to run php code in .htm and .html documents
Can I disable stopforumspam on my domain name?
SMF - Blank page
Zyro .htaccess breaks other sites
Do you support TUN/TAP?
Do you support node.js?
Are Your Servers PCI Compliant?
Tracert shows that connection times out at some point.
Enable cross-origin resource sharing
Can you open ports for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) server connection sockets?
Do you support ipnat modules?
Can I install Laravel framework here?
I get an error 'Host 'host_name' is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'
Are there any limits in Zyro builder?

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