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I have 94 websites hosted on Hostinger at the moment and my clients and I have always liked Hostinger for two things: Server Speed and five-star customer support. Hostinger is the best platform for everyone from newbies to Pro Developers.
Jeremiah Kobina
Software Engineer
Hostinger's WordPress experience is simple enough to use right out of the box with no web building experience, and I won't attempt to comment on the more advanced tools they offer, as they are for better-trained developers, but they certainly have something for every level.
Andrew Saxon
WordPress Developer
Been using Hostinger for a very long time. Developed more than 70 websites all of which are hosted with them. I love the service. Got a problem? Message their tech support. And while you refresh the page, your problems will have vanished. Recommended.
Areeb Moin
Web Developer
Hostinger Features
Get the help you need. Anytime
Our response time is under 1 minute. Get help from the team of experts. Solve any kind of issue. Get your websites up and running. Anytime.
Simple, fast and scalable
The latest stack (Litespeed Enterprise, PHP7.4, MariaDB) and built-in cache optimized to deliver superior performance and a perfect page speed score.
Easy to use
Getting your site up is quick and intuitive. Deploy your workflows via Git integration (Github, Gitlab), push code to the server via SSH or use the 1-click app-installer.
You are safe
Securely host and manage multiple sites with built-in scheduled daily backups, 2 Factor Authentication, and multi-user permission management.
Complete PHP Hosting
Multiple PHP versions, PHP Extension, PHP option management. Support for Composer, Laravel, Symfony, Slim, and other popular PHP Frameworks.
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