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Liam Carberry

Liam is a WordPress fanatic that loves to write about web development and coding. When he's not working, he likes to help people create websites and applications. In short, his job is also a hobby!

03 Feb • WordPress

How to Create WordPress Custom Post Type – The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to create a WordPress custom post type? It’s an excellent and useful way to organize your website if you’re running several types ...

By Liam Carberry

05 Nov • WordPress

How to Create a WordPress Theme Using HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Design Principles

A WordPress theme allows you to have a consistent layout for your webpages and posts. It can also be modified to change your entire website’s look a ...

By Liam Carberry

31 Oct • WordPress

How to Become a WordPress Developer

With WordPress being the most popular content management system, there will always be users looking for developers to help enhance their websites. By ...

By Liam Carberry

21 Sep • WordPress

Gutenberg Review: Pros and Cons of the New WordPress Block Editor

The post and page editor that ships with WordPress has been around for a long time now, so maybe it is time for an upgrade? One set of developers and ...

By Liam Carberry

10 Jul • WordPress

WordPress Plugin Tutorial: How to Create a WordPress Plugin

In this WordPress plugin tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a complete WordPress plugin with its own admin page. The most important reason to crea ...

By Liam Carberry