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Luqman is a self-proclaimed social scientist. He is passionate about education, technology, and everything in between. He wants to help create a high-quality education system. Having spent the past four years as a social researcher and blog guru, he lends his skills to Hostinger's digital content team. As for free time, he enjoys reading scientific (and not-so-scientific) literature with a cup of black arabica coffee as a companion.

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06 Jun • DNS

How to Reduce DNS Lookups?

DNS is an element that often gets overlooked by webmasters. However, if well optimized, it can hugely contribute to website speed and overall...

By Luqmanul M.

24 May • WordPress

Debug WordPress: a Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

There probably is no such thing as perfect code, and it is every webmaster nightmare whenever bugs occur on their sites or plugins. So today,...

By Luqmanul M.

08 May • Glossary

What Is WebP? A Guide for Beginners

Having a fast-loading website is probably every webmaster’s dream. One of the ways to optimize page speed is by using WebP format images. So,...

By Luqmanul M.

03 May • WordPress

What is WordPress Heartbeat API and How to Manage it

In 2013 WordPress introduces Heartbeat API – a feature that allows your browser to automatically communicate with the server. However, there are a...

By Luqmanul M.

27 Apr • Website

cPanel Tutorial

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel. It’s the place to manage the backend of your website. However, you may come across a question...

By Luqmanul M.

04 Mar • Website

Comprehensive Dreamweaver Tutorial

When starting out with website development, you’ve probably heard about WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. The temptation to build a...

By Luqmanul M.

15 Feb • WordPress

How to Convert HTML to WordPress

So, you’ve been looking at recent statistics, saying that WordPress currently powers 33% of websites on the internet. As a website owner, you might...

By Luqmanul M.

15 Feb • WordPress

How to Reduce admin-ajax.php Server Load in WordPress

Website performance is a critical subject for any site owner. Performance issues can affect users’ experience and potentially reduce SEO ranking. As...

By Luqmanul M.

07 Feb • WordPress

13 Best WordPress Search Plugins

Having a search function is an essential element of any website, especially those with large content repositories such as blogs, news sites, online...

By Luqmanul M.

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