35 Trending Products to Sell in 2021

35 Trending Products to Sell in  2021

Selling products that have little to no demand can make it difficult for any online business to succeed. Therefore, when brainstorming business ideas, it’s essential to know which trending products to sell online.

In this article, we’ll explore 35 trending products for 2021 in several different niches, including health and wellness, fashion, gadgets, and electronics. We’ll explain why each product is trending, provide evidence to support our claim, and include tips on how to sell them. 

Top Trending Health and Wellness Products

In 2020, the global health and wellness industry was valued at $3.31 billion. More than that, by 2025, it’s expected to hit $4.24 billion

People are taking their health and wellness more seriously in light of the COVID-19 situation. As a result, the pandemic has dramatically affected the demand for trending products in the health and fitness industry, making it a very profitable niche.

1. Face Masks

  • Average selling price: $10-15/pack for surgical masks
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 1,100,000
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Philippines, United States
  • Ideal target audience: general population
  • Supplier suggestions: Judd Medical (UK), Turmerry (US), Amazon, Alibaba

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, face masks remain among the most trending products of the year. According to Google Trends, the worldwide search for face masks has gone down but is still going strong.

Google trends for face masks

The market has become competitive, but there are many ways to stand out. Since masks have become a clothing statement nowadays, you can create one-of-a-kind designs to appeal to fashion hobbyists. 

Find wholesale suppliers of face masks or consider making your own products at home to sell online. Uniquely designed DIY face masks can attract consumers that might have grown tired of the plain ones.

2. Posture Correctors

  • Average selling price: $15-18
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 162,000
  • Top countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand
  • Ideal target audience: employees and students working and studying from home
  • Supplier suggestions: Comfy Brace (US), Alibaba, Amazon

Working from home is becoming the norm for a lot of people. As a result, posture correctors have turned into a hit among those who wish to prevent any possible back problems. According to Google Trends, the searches for the item peaked in February 2020. While it has slightly dropped since then, it is still relatively steady.

Google trends for posture corrector

One way to set yourself apart from the competition is to market a trending product to a specific group. Parents always worry about their kids slouching – take this opportunity to sell posture correctors as their solution. 

When writing the product description, you can include the health benefits of enforcing good posture from a young age.

3. Matcha Powder

  • Average selling price: $10-15
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 87,000
  • Top countries: Singapore, New Zealand, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: nutrition and caffeine enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Ikeda Matcha (US), Pure Matcha (Australia), Matcha Matcha (New Zealand)

Matcha green tea is one of the few trending products that has stayed relevant long after its initial popularity. While Google Trends shows that the searches for this item have been going up and down, it has gained significant momentum in recent months.

Google trends for matcha powder

Since matcha green tea is a caffeinated drink, you can market this product as a coffee alternative. Highlight its benefits, such as increased alertness, less jitteriness, and the relaxing quality it offers.

You can also bundle the trending product with equipment for making the drink. Lower the price slightly so that customers feel as though they’re getting more value.

4. Yoga Mats

  • Average selling price: $20-30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 289,000 
  • Top countries: Singapore, Australia, Ireland
  • Ideal target audience: fitness enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Sunshine Yoga (US), EMP Industrial (Australia), Amazon, Alibaba

At-home workouts, including yoga, pilates, and aerobics, typically require a mat to prevent slipping or bruising during practice. 

According to Google Trends, searches for yoga mats spiked worldwide in 2020. Even though they’ve since dropped from their peak, they’re still in high demand in 2021.

Google trends for yoga mats

To market this trending product, create at-home video workouts to demonstrate how to use a yoga mat. Offer a better deal by bundling yoga mats with other fitness-related products, such as exercise bands or foam rollers.

Top Trending Fashion Items

The revenue of the apparel market is projected to hit $2.25 trillion by 2025. During lockdown, 90% of consumers chose to purchase apparel online.

With many parts of the world still enforcing COVID-19 restrictions in public places such as shopping malls, it’s safe to assume that this trend will continue.

One of the most trending products in the fashion industry this year is casualwear. People are looking for comfortable clothing to wear while working and exercising from home.

5. Fitness Fashion Items

  • Average selling price: $10-25
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 79,000 (“sportswear”)
  • Top countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark
  • Ideal target audience: fitness enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: S&S Activewear (US), Gym Clothes (UK), Alibaba

Thanks to major brands like Lululemon, activewear has become fashionable. Style experts have been calling this new trend athleisure. Forbes has found that customers are valuing convenience over appearance – driving high demand for comfort-oriented products like activewear.

There are tons of fitness fashion items to sell online – from sports bras, t-shirts, gym shorts, leggings to yoga pants. Buy them in bulk from clothing wholesalers like S&S Activewear.

S&S Activewear's homepage

These fashion trends are also more prevalent among millennials, so adopting a solid social media marketing strategy will be crucial to your success. One way to do so is to partner with fitness influencers in the health industry.

6. Wearable Devices

  • Average selling price: $10-30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 2,000,000 (“smartwatch”)
  • Top countries: Poland, Romania, Portugal
  • Ideal target audience: fitness enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, Global Sources

Wearable devices are gadgets that are used as accessories, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. Most people buy them to monitor their physical activities, keep track of their health, and receive instant message notifications.

The wearable device trend hasn’t picked up as fast as other gadgets, but sales are slowly growing. More adults in the US are purchasing smartwatches, and the numbers keep rising.

Since these gadgets are pretty expensive to produce, look for dropshipping suppliers for electronics. Alibaba has smartwatches and fitness trackers at an affordable price.

Alibaba's search results for wearable devices

7. Loungewear

  • Average selling price: $30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 256,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: general population, work-from-home employees
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, Amazon, DHGate

Ever since more people have started working from home, loungewear has replaced workwear as everyday apparel. According to Google Trends, the search queries for this trending product category have drastically increased.

Google trends for loungewear

The typical loungewear attire appears more stylish than the regular clothes one might wear at home. This is so that remote workers can look presentable during video calls while still feeling comfortable. The clothing items typically include matching sets, jumpsuits, pajama dresses, robes, and so on.

Women tend to be the target audience of this trending product. To nail this market, consider partnering with female fashion bloggers to promote your loungewear. They can model the item for you and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

8. Shapewear

  • Average selling price: $15-30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 97,000 
  • Top countries: Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Ideal target audience: fashion enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, Shapewear Wholesale (Turkey), Lingerie Mart (US)

Shapewear is a foundation garment used to shape the body into a preferred form. Emerging brands have made this women’s fashion item a trending product. When the celebrity shapewear line SKIMS entered the market, the number of searches for the product increased by 45%.

Skims's homepage

If you want to turn this trending item into a profitable opportunity, provide a broad range of sizes and shades. A large reason why SKIMS became popular is its inclusivity, which has enabled various demographics to use the product.

Partnering with bloggers and social media influencers would be a good idea to promote your brand. You can ask them to style the item in the form of an outfit-of-the-day post or do a product review.

Top Trending Gadget and Electronic Items

Mobile phones are among the most widely used gadgets worldwide, and their user base only keeps growing. By 2023, it’s expected that 4.3 billion people will use smartphones.

As a result, complementary items like phone cases, tripods, holders, and wireless chargers have become trending products. The value of the smartphone accessories market was $224.69 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $284.06 billion by 2026. 

9. Phone Cases

  • Average selling price: $10-20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 67,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Australia, United States
  • Ideal target audience: general population, tech enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: CellularOutfitter (US), Mr. Mobile (UK), Alibaba

Throughout recent years, the search queries for this accessory have always peaked during the holiday season.

Google trends for phone case

Phone cases can be cheap and easy to manufacture, making them one of the best trending products to sell online for beginners. If you want to produce phone cases by hand, Case Escape has a startup kit for a low-budget option.

On-demand drop shipping services like Printify can also print custom phone cases. The cost for a single unit is quite expensive, which could lower your profit margins. That said, there’s no need to worry about fulfillment and shipping.

To sell phone cases successfully, make sure to come up with unique designs. You also need some visually appealing product photos. With a small budget, set up a home photo studio and use your smartphone to take the pictures.

10. Phone Tripods

  • Average selling price: $15-30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 37,000 
  • Top countries: New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa
  • Ideal target audience: content creators, photography enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, DHGate, Global Sources

Due to the rise of vlogging and live-streaming, many people are looking into these trending products to shoot videos hands-free. TikTok has also contributed to the increasing demand for tripods. Moreover, the Google Trends search volume for this product has also increased significantly during the pandemic.

Google trends for phone tripod

Naturally, content creators are the primary target market for this product. Consider producing product demo videos to showcase how the use of a tripod can benefit their work.

Try targeting smartphone photography hobbyists. Tripods help them take pictures in low light, long exposure, or panorama settings. Publish blog posts highlighting the product’s benefits on your photography website to drive organic traffic and conversions.

11. Car Phone Holders

  • Average selling price: $15-20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 46,000 
  • Top countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland
  • Ideal target audience: car owners, tech enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Mighty Wireless (US), Technology Warehouse (UK), iiGadgetz (Australia), Alibaba

Car phone holders enable attaching a phone to the car’s dashboard, making it easy and safe to view a phone screen while on the road. These products often become best-sellers on many online storefronts – one car phone holder model from Beam Electronics has over 74,000 global reviews on Amazon.

A review page of Beams Electronics's car phone holder on Amazon

Selling this product allows for a high-profit margin – look for car accessory suppliers on Alibaba with which one can purchase phone holders for as low as $1. Ensure that both the vendor and the item have good ratings to guarantee the product’s quality.

12. Wireless Charging Station

  • Average selling price: $15-30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 165,000 
  • Top countries: Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom
  • Ideal target audience: tech enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Hypercel (US), Technology Warehouse (UK), Alibaba

Wireless charging pads are being acknowledged for their convenience. Google Trends shows that queries for the product have been steady and that the number of searches usually peak towards November and December – when people look for holiday deals or gifts.

Google trends for wireless charger

As they’re still growing in popularity and not every device supports wireless charging, selling them today would be profitable. By the time everyone needs a wireless charging station, you would already have established yourself as a front-runner in the field.

To market this product, partner with tech review bloggers or YouTubers to create video content about your online store. Kick off an affiliate marketing campaign, offering influencers commission for encouraging their audience to purchase the product.

13. Bluetooth Headphones

  • Average selling price: $20-60
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 388,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: tech enthusiasts, audiophiles
  • Supplier suggestions: Kiko Wholesale Group (US), DHGate, Alibaba

A report states that the market for wireless headphones will continue to grow by 12.3% in the next five years. A reason for this is that many smartphones are removing headphone jacks from their design. Additionally, more people are now valuing the convenience of wireless devices.

Since manufacturing headphones can be expensive, consider becoming a dropshipper. Sites like SaleHoo offer wholesale suppliers with which one can connect online.

Salehoo's homepage

One way to market this product is to have your products featured on electronics review sites like RTINGS.com. Utilize affiliate links to encourage readers to check out the product.

Top Trending Baby and Childcare Products 

The market value for baby care products was $67.35 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase to $88.72 billion by 2026.

Due to the work-from-home policy, many working parents spend more time with their small children at home. As a result, items that help balance their work and family life have become trending products.

14. Baby Carriers

  • Average selling price: $50-150
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 101,000
  • Top countries: Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom
  • Ideal target audience: parents and caretakers
  • Supplier suggestions: Baby K’tan (US), Alibaba, Amazon

A baby carrier helps parents carry their infants while keeping their hands free. It’s also an excellent device for traveling with a baby since you won’t have to bring a stroller.

This trending item has been receiving more attention recently due to innovations to the product. Parents are now looking for ergonomic carriers that support the baby’s natural posture, like Ergobaby. This type of carrier may bring in more profit compared to regular baby slings and wraps.

Ergobaby's homepage

When selling the product, you can highlight studies that talk about babywearing’s psychological and health benefits to convince customers. Turn these reports into infographic content for social media or blog posts to gain traffic.

15. Baby Swings

  • Average selling price: $60-150
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 100,000
  • Top countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland
  • Ideal target audience: parents and caretakers
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, Global Sources, DHGate

Baby swings can be a lifesaver for busy caregivers, especially parents who work from home. The rocking motion can calm infants down when they’re crying, giving parents some well-deserved quiet time.

Google Trends reveals that the search volume for baby swings worldwide is relatively stable. However, the number of related searches jumped up rapidly in early 2020.

Google trends for baby swing

You can sell manual baby swings that include hanging toys for entertaining the infant. Electric varieties with extra features such as adjustable rocking speed and built-in lullabies are also likely to become best-sellers.

16. Baby Playmats

  • Average selling price: $50
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 38,000
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore
  • Ideal target audience: parents and caretakers
  • Supplier suggestions: Faire (US), Baby Brands Direct (UK), Alibaba

Busy, work-from-home parents need a dedicated area for their infants and toddlers to play around. According to Google Trends, the search volume for “baby playmat” fluctuates. However, 2020 showed an increase in interest due to the pandemic. 

Google trends for baby playmat

Playmats have become popular due to rising awareness of their health benefits, such as a baby’s physical development. The growing number of daycare centers and preschools also contributes to market growth.

To sell this product, focus on marketing on social media. Many young couples browse the internet looking for parenting advice, so take this chance to educate them about using playmats. Set up Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads to target parents and stimulate immediate sales.

Top Trending Pet Products 

The pet care market size was valued at over $232.3 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase by 6.1% by 2027. Although the market is growing in many parts of the world, the United States leads by an overwhelming margin, especially when it comes to pet food.

Loving owners are ready to spend money to ensure their pet’s health and happiness. A study found that when the pandemic hit, many people adopted pets for companionship. Around 54% of respondents have then adjusted their budget to spend money on pet care products. 

17. Pet Food

  • Average selling price: $30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 37,000
  • Top countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand
  • Ideal target audience: pet owners
  • Supplier suggestions: Animal Supply Co (US), MJM Pet Supplies (Canada), Petwise (Australia)

Pet food is always in constant demand, making it one of the best trending products online. According to Google Trends, the search volume for pet food has been steadily high, with occasional spikes like the one in February this year.

Google trends for pet food

There are many types of pet food available. According to the Pet Food Industry, the best-selling product category is dry dog food, followed by dog treats. However, cat food is experiencing a significant increase as more people become cat owners, particularly in Asia-Pacific countries.

Since most owners buy pet food regularly, one way to make these trending products stand out is to create a subscription service. You can offer different foods and let customers customize their boxes to receive a personalized diet for their pets.

18. Dog Bowls

  • Average selling price: $10-20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 17,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, United States, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: dog owners
  • Supplier suggestions: Bargain Wholesale (USA), Vital Pets (UK), Alibaba

As seen on Google Trends, the searches for dog bowls sharply spike at the beginning of every year.

Google trends for dog bowl

Dog bowls come in different forms and sizes. Plastic bowls are cheaper to buy, but if you want to target health-conscious owners, stainless steel or ceramic bowls would be preferable. They are less prone to building up bacteria or causing allergic reactions.

Since there are many dog micro-influencers on Instagram, try working with them to promote your product. Though they have fewer followers, they usually have a higher engagement rate and are more affordable to hire.

19. Cat Beds

  • Average selling price: $15-20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 45,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
  • Ideal target audience: cat owners
  • Supplier suggestions: Faire (US), PetDreamHouse (UK), Alibaba

Naturally, the increase in cat ownership has also led to high demand for cat beds. Since they sleep more than humans, they will need a comfortable place to rest for a long time.

According to Google Trends, the search volume for cat beds looks pretty steady over the years. However, the number has peaked several times in recent months.

Google trends for cat bed

To stand out, start selling unique and innovative cat beds instead of a regular cushion. If you’re pretty crafty, try making the product yourself and charge a higher price as a handmade product. Alternatively, look for orthopedic beds for older cats.

20. Pet Carriers

  • Average selling price: $30-50
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 23,000 
  • Top countries: Australia, United States, Canada
  • Ideal target audience: pet owners
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, DHGate, Global Sources

Having a pet carrier is essential for any pet owner, whether it’s for a visit to the vet or for bringing along their pet to travel. On average, the demand for this trending product is stable. The Google Trends for this item experienced a dip last year, but it has gone back up since then.

Google trends for pet carrier

There are several types of pet carriers you can sell online. An airline-compliant carrier is quite popular, as they are necessary for pet owners who frequently travel by plane. Some also come in the form of a backpack, which people find helpful when bringing pets on hikes or walks.

In the beginning, focus on making and marketing your carrier to a specific customer niche. This way, you can build a solid brand around the type of product you’re selling. Vanderpump Pets, for example, caters to stylish pet owners, which makes their brand more memorable.

Top Trending Comfort Items

Having to spend more time at home encourages people to create a more comfortable space for themselves. According to experts, comfortable furniture items quickly become one of the most trending products in the decor niche.

Comfort items of various sizes can be sold online. Whether it’s cozy furniture to lounge on or smaller pieces to complement existing ones, people are becoming increasingly interested in buying such products from eCommerce sites.

21. Sofa Beds

  • Average selling price: $200-500
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 374,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ireland
  • Ideal target audience: homeowners
  • Supplier suggestions: MOE’s Wholesale (US), KH Direct, Alibaba

Sofa beds have long been on the market. However, they’ve recently become popular products among apartment renters as they can save a lot of space and money for those on a budget.

The search volume for sofa beds has steadily risen, especially in the past few months.

Google trends for sofa bed

You can sell many types of sofa beds, such as daybeds, futons, and pull-out couches. 

Start a marketing campaign on Pinterest – this social networking site is trendy among home decor enthusiasts. Pinterest allows you to attract potential customers by creating “boards” that feature your products.

22. Seat Cushions

  • Average selling price: $30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 12,000 
  • Top countries: United States, United Kingdom, Singapore
  • Ideal target audience: desk workers, older adults
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba

Due to the recent rise of home offices, seat cushions have started trending on search engines and eCommerce sites. For instance, this seat cushion from Amazon has over 65,000 reviews worldwide.

A review page of Everlasting Comfort Memory foam seat cushion on Amazon

Seat cushions can be pretty affordable when purchased from suppliers like Alibaba. As such, the potential to receive high-profit margins is better, especially if you buy and sell them in bulk.

The target audience for this type of product are desk workers and older adults. To reach out to them, you can produce online ads on Facebook or set up Google Shopping ads for related search queries about seat cushions.

Top Trending Home and Outdoor Appliances

Due to the current pandemic, people are staying at home and avoiding crowds. All the while, buying home appliances is still considered necessary for elevating the quality of life at home. 

The house appliances market is expected to grow from $308.11 billion in 2020 to $436.04 billion in 2025.

However, social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean people are avoiding the outdoors at all costs. A study found that outdoor recreation has increased, which means items that support these activities are becoming trending products as well.

23. Portable Vacuum Cleaners

  • Average selling price: $50
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 46,000
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Singapore, Ireland
  • Ideal target audience: homemakers
  • Supplier suggestions: Costco Wholesale (US), DHGate, Alibaba

For a niche product, look into portable vacuum cleaners. They are lighter and more flexible, making them a favorite when dealing with car cleaning. The market value for this product also sees significant growth.

When promoting portable vacuum cleaners, reach out to tech review YouTubers like Vacuum Wars

Vacum Wars's YouTube page

People follow these content creators to see whether there are new products worth buying. Send the item for review with an affiliate link they can give out to their viewers.

24. Portable Washing Machines

  • Average selling price: $100-200
  • Top countries: Canada, United States, Puerto Rico
  • Ideal target audience: homemakers
  • Supplier suggestions: Supply Leader, Alibaba, DHGate

Portable washing machines don’t take up as much space as normal ones do. Due to this fact, many people prefer using them instead of going to the laundromat. Although the search volume for this product dipped recently, it will most likely go back up due to the trend of portable products.

Google trends for portable washing machine

Home appliances are quite pricey to manufacture, so look for dropshipping suppliers for this product online.

A good product demonstration is vital to attract customers. Make sure to showcase how the device works in generally cramped locations such as apartments, RVs, and dorms to persuade customers.

25. Solar Panels

  • Average selling price: $150-300
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 263,000 
  • Top countries: Zimbabwe, Australia, Pakistan
  • Ideal target audience: homeowners, travelers
  • Supplier suggestions: Solar Wholesale (US), DHGate, Alibaba

New reports claim that solar and wind energy will become dominant by 2050. The demand is this strong since solar panels are cost-effective solutions to power houses. Some people are using them to offset their electricity bills or turn them into a backup energy source.

Portable solar panels are also becoming popular. They can enable electricity when you’re off the grid – excellent for summer road trips and camping.

The solar power company Renogy markets its products by offering credit to users who share a referral link – tightly knit ecological communities can help sell your products by word-of-mouth.

Renogy's homepage

26. Smart Bulbs

  • Average selling price: $20-30
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 20,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: homemakers
  • Supplier suggestions: Lightbulb Wholesaler (US), Alibaba, DHGate

The increasing number of automated homes has resulted in the rise of smart LED bulbs. Google Trends indicates a growing interest in this product, and search volume usually peaks later in the year.

Google trends for smart bulb

Smart bulbs allow users to customize the light’s colors and brightness to set the right mood for any situation. They’re also great for people who have a hard time going to bed

To market the product, create blog posts using sleep-related keywords. You can mention the product while educating readers on how to get better rest.

27. LED Light

  • Average selling price: $20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 111,000 
  • Top countries: Australia, Singapore, United States
  • Ideal target audience: decor enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: LEDwholesalers (US), LinearLux (Australia), Alibaba

The search volume for “LED light” has been steadily high throughout the past few years, making such lights one of the most profitable trending products to sell online.

Google trends for led light

Decorative LED strip lights are used to illuminate and add playfulness to the room. Many options include the adjustable RGB feature, making it easy to change the light into any preferred color.

Some interior styles are more fitting to decorative LED lights than others. A child or teenager’s bedroom is more likely to be decorated with LED light. Be sure to choose the right marketing channels for this target audience – for example, visual platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Top Trending Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen appliances market was valued at $237.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to $377.70 billion by 2027. Due to social distancing, fewer US consumers are eating out, and more are cooking at home. Roughly 7 out of 10 consumers report their intent to continue cooking at home even after the pandemic.

Aside from conventional appliances like blenders and microwaves, unique appliances like air fryers are gaining popularity. People are spicing up their home cooking by experimenting with new appliances.

28. Air Fryers

  • Average selling price: $100
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 96,000 
  • Top countries: United States, Australia, Puerto Rico
  • Ideal target audience: home cooks
  • Supplier suggestions: Global Sources, Alibaba, DHGate

As implied by its name, this device can cook various dishes, such as french fries and cookies, using heated air. This device’s main selling point is the ability to make food crispy without using too much oil. 

Google Trends reveals that the demand for this item has been steadily escalating. It’s also a common holiday gift, as searches peak towards the end of the year.

Google trends for air fryer

Promote the product to the health and wellness niche. Create an infographic post that compares the calories of dishes cooked with the air fryer and those with a traditional frying method. Alternatively, start a healthy food blog – complement the articles with a video to demonstrate its versatility.

29. Salad Spinners

  • Average selling price: $20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 45,000
  • Top countries: Canada, New Zealand, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: home cooks
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba, DHGate, Global Sources

Due to stay-at-home policies, more people are learning how to cook for themselves. As a result, many are looking for kitchen products like salad spinners, as illustrated by Google Trends.

Google trends for salad spinner

Therefore, the target audience for this item is primarily home cooks. Market the product by creating a food blog and post easy salad recipes, cooking tips, and buying guides. Share these articles on social networks and implement the best SEO practices to gain organic traffic.

Top Trending Hobby and Lifestyle Products

Many people are looking to entertain themselves either in the safety of the outdoors or in their homes. As taking up new hobbies or coming back to old ones is becoming a common practice, looking into products in the hobby and lifestyle category is worth looking into.

30. Water Bottles

  • Average selling price: $10-20
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 256,000
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore
  • Ideal target audience: sustainability enthusiasts, general population
  • Supplier suggestions: Totally Promotional (US), Alibaba, DHGate

Reusable water bottles are one of the best trending products to sell online. Environmental concerns over single-use plastics have driven more consumers to start using them as part of their lifestyle.

Many innovative products have come out on the market, such as the smart water bottle and collapsible cup. It’s best to pick an item that isn’t popular in your area yet so that you can quickly become the go-to supplier of the product.

The target audience for these trending products will be the sustainability community. For marketing, you can publish educational content on the harms of single-use packaging. The brand S’well does this well on its Instagram profile.

S'well bottle's instagram post

31. Fishing Gear

  • Average selling price: $15-35
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 23,000 
  • Top countries: New Zealand, United States, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: fishing enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: C and J Sports (US), Wholesale Fishing Supplies (Australia), Fishing & Leisure (New Zealand)

Fishing is one of the top growing trending niches on the market. The pandemic has encouraged people to start fishing since the activity can be done while keeping social distance.

There are various items present in this category, such as fishing rods, hooks, and lures. If you want to sell live bait, you will need the right equipment to stock and ship it fresh.

To encourage people to buy this product, reachout to fishing content creators on YouTube or Instagram. Start a giveaway with them on their platform to spread awareness about your online store. Also, consider joining the fishing social networking app Fishbrain as a seller.

Fishbrain's homepage

32. Board Games

  • Average selling price: $20-50
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 310,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Canada
  • Ideal target audience: families, board game enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Empire Discount (US), NDA Toys (UK), Games Wholesale (Australia)

Families and housemates are looking for ways to pass the time at home without staring at digital screens, which is what is causing the rise in the popularity of board games.

Google Trends indicates that searches for board games often rise between October and January, making them a holiday season favorite.

Google trends for board games

Find board games from wholesale suppliers for toys like Empire Discount or find antique ones from eBay. Better yet, make your own board game from scratch. Launch it on Kickstarter to receive funding – many popular games like Syndicate have found success from the crowdfunding site.

Joining communities like BoardGameGeek is an excellent way to promote board game eCommerce stores. Participate in the forums and mention your products when necessary. Some membership sites allow you to start selling directly on the platform.

Top Trending Beauty Products and Accessories 

The global beauty or cosmetics industry was projected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027. However, after years of steady growth, the sector shrank by 8% in 2020 due to the pandemic

Despite this blow to the industry at large, several individual trending products are still gaining popularity within the beauty niche.

33. Hair Scrunchies

  • Average selling price: $10/pack
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 8,900
  • Top countries: Australia, United Kingdom, United States
  • Ideal target audience: women, long-haired individuals
  • Supplier suggestions: Threddies (US), INCA (UK), Alibaba

According to Pinterest, hair scrunchies are making a major comeback, with searches going up by more than 6300% on the social sharing site.

Get hair scrunchies in bulk from Threddies or follow a tutorial to produce an entire collection on your own. Going the DIY route lets you choose a high-quality fabric to create a more premium product.

Threddies's search results for hair scrunchies

Work with fashion influencers on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram to feature the scrunchies. You can ask them to create styling tips using the product or to simply tag the handle of your accessories store on the posts.

34. Fake Eyelashes

  • Average selling price: $10/kit
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 22,000
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, Australia, United States
  • Ideal target audience: women, makeup enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Alibaba

Although other makeup products are in decline, the industry is seeing a rise in sales for fake eyelashes. People are focusing more on their eye makeup, as the mask covers the rest of the face. On Google Trends, the interest for fake eyelashes has been going steady

Google trends for fake eyelashes

To stand out in the market, start by identifying the type of lashes people look for the most. Establish your own brand by specializing in a specific niche related to this item. Take a look at Petite Cosmetics, which focuses on eyelashes for small and hooded eyes. 

35. Headscarf

  • Average selling price: $10
  • Monthly global Google search volume: 21,000 
  • Top countries: United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia
  • Ideal target audience: fashion enthusiasts
  • Supplier suggestions: Faire (US), Alibaba, Global Sources

Search engine interest in headscarves has been steadily high with occasional spikes. This is proof that the elegant and versatile accessory is a timeless fashion item. A recent viral TikTok trend also boosted the popularity of headscarves this year.

Google trends for head scarf

Headscarves come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing sellers to cater to different fashion tastes. Its purposes range from purely a fashion statement or hiding a bad hair day to ensuring one’s hair stays in place when outdoors.

To market the product, create videos for the TikTok trend. Alternatively, film a tutorial on how to wear a headscarf using different styles. Don’t forget to include a link to your online store on your TikTok profile.

Where to Discover Trending Products to Sell Online?

To find the best products to sell online, you need to start your search in the right places. Head over to the following sites to begin:

eCommerce Marketplaces

Numerous eCommerce marketplaces can provide insights into current product trends. 

These online selling sites have various special pages dedicated to new and best-selling products, such as Amazon’s Movers and Shakers. This specific page shows which items are top-ranking every hour across different categories.

Also, check out the Most Wished For page to see which top products people think about purchasing next.

Some sites also have a search bar that automatically gives suggestions according to what most customers are frequently looking for. If you head to Etsy, the feature can show keywords labeled as Popular right now.

Etsy's search results for products that are popular right now

Alternatively, make use of eRank to find out even more about Etsy’s trending products. This Etsy SEO tool reveals which keywords have a high search volume.

Social Media Networks

According to recent studies, 74% of customers look to social media channels and influencers when shopping online. As brands leverage social commerce and influencer marketing, these platforms have become the go-to place for discussing best-selling online products.

Look for popular hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to see what items are up-and-coming. On Pinterest, use the search bar to see which keywords are trending.

Alternatively, try to find communities for trending niches on Facebook and Reddit. Examining them will let you know what kind of trending products to start selling when targeting their specific demographic.

Trend Report Sites

These platforms can show what topics and product trends internet users are interested in. Here are some sites to check out:

  • Google Trends. Commonly used by marketers, this tool can provide real-time data on what people are googling. Filter by region, period, topic category, and type of search to see the best results.
  • Think with Google. The “Category Trend” feature can reveal top trending items and products in high demand.
  • Trend Hunter. This site collects new and popular eCommerce bestsellers every month. It also comes in a premium version if you want to track topics and access the full range of trend reports.

Additional Tools to Evaluate Potential Trending Products

After finding out about potential items, use these sites to validate your product ideas:

  • A Better Lemonade Stand’s instant product evaluation tool. Simply fill in some information about your online store and product catalog. A score resulting from the item’s strengths and weaknesses will be generated.
  • Viral Launch. Though this premium tool is primarily for Amazon sellers, it can be useful for other online stores. Use the “Market Intelligence” feature to receive feedback on your product idea and estimate profits, as well as view market trends.

What Makes a Good Trending Product?

To narrow down your search, keep the following criteria in mind when searching for trending products to sell on your online store:

  • Aligns with your interests. Having a passion for your products can help you find effective eCommerce marketing strategies for them. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for the item and an easier time connecting with online shoppers.
  • Solves a common problem. A sizable amount of popular products are easy to market because they make people’s lives easier.
  • Has branding potential. What you sell online determines what marketing strategies you take. Make sure it can inspire a meaningful brand story so that your brand can resonate with the audience.
  • Makes profit. What you make from selling the item should cover the overhead expenses and provide a sizable income.
  • Hard to find. Selling a product that isn’t available in your local market or other online stores can incite excitement and curiosity. Plus, there will be less competition.


We have provided you with 35 trending products to sell online. However, choosing the right one is just the beginning of a marketing campaign for an eCommerce store.

No matter what you pick, make sure to create a beautiful online store and maximize your digital marketing strategy. If you didn’t find the business ideas you’re looking for, refer to the sites we’ve listed above to search for more options.

So, take your pick, choose an eCommerce platform, and start making money online today. Good luck!

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