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Hostinger, without a doubt, is the best WordPress hosting provider in the UK! More than 10 years of experience enables us to provide the best possible support and environment for your WordPress blog or website! Look no further, with Hostinger you will get it all and be online in minutes.

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WordPress comes free with our Premium and Business web hosting plans. together with already pre-installed WordPress features, you also get unlimited disk space, extremely intuitive website builder and free domain at no extra cost. All-in-one WordPress hosting is possible and is cheap. Get it and go online with all your ideas!

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As you already probably know, WordPress does not provide any customer support. However, with Hostinger's cheap web hosting, an in-house, professionally trained live technical support will always answer all your web hosting related questions and help you build your WordPress website.

why choose wordpress?

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System, used by many great websites and businesses and it is so not without a reason. Its extremely easy to navigate user interface, tons of professionally designed themes and essential plugins makes website development effortless even for the beginners. All this with one simple click. Combine it with unlimited disk space, extremely intuitive website builder, and free domain by getting our cheap web hosting plan and join thousands of WordPress community members!

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How do I start using WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS scripts in the world and it is one click away from becoming a part of your web hosting! It is easy to install, easy to use and has an extremely user-friendly interface. Content management through WordPress is a piece of cake!

Now, you are most likely wondering where can you get it? WordPress is free always and everywhere and with Hostinger, you can install it with 1-click. start creating websites and blogs today, install WordPress now!

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