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How to Remove Powered by WordPress from Footer

Remove Powered By WordPress

It is undeniable that WordPress is a fantastic content management system (CMS). Building and maintaining websites become easier than ever—thanks to the user-friendly interface of WordPress. However, people don’t like the Powered by WordPress line that appears in the footer section on some themes. In many cases, it’s better to hide or remove this footer credit altogether. Especially, if you are running a business website, displaying the message doesn’t make any sense. Moreover, it may create an unprofessional vibe for your clients.

Keeping this in mind, what would your strategy be to remove that pesky footer content? Read on this tutorial and follow the step-by-step instructions below for how to remove Powered by WordPress credit from the footer.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide, you’ll need the following:

  • Access to the WordPress admin area.

Option 1 — Disabling via Theme Options

Theme developers know that users would love the option of removing footer credit link. Accordingly, they make it available in the theme settings area. Depending on the theme variability, settings could be different. But the rule of thumb is to look inside the WordPress theme customizer.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the admin login page for your WordPress site. You should be able to access this page by adding /wp-admin at the end of your domain. Type your username and password into the Username or Email and Password fields, respectively, and click Log In button.
    WordPress Login Page
  2. Then you need to take your mouse over Appearance and click Customize to access options for the footer text.
    WordPress Appearance Customize
  3. Click Site Identity. Most of the time you will get this button in the second position of the list.
    WordPress Site Identity Button
  4. Select your desired option from the Footer Credit drop-down menu and click Save & Publish. In this example, Hide has been selected so that no footer credit text will be displayed on the website. Once the changes are saved and made live, the Save & Publish button will change to Saved. Now, you will no longer see the Powered by WordPress text at the bottom of your website.
    WordPress Site Identity Save and Publish

Option 2 — Removing via PHP

Some theme developers may not consider giving you the option of removing footer credit by the theme option. Before you get scared, be informed that there are other options to remove footer credit portion. One such way is modifying the footer.php code and deleting the Powered by WordPress line.

  1. Login to WordPress administrator area.
    WordPress Login Page
  2. After logging in you need to hover the mouse over Appearance and click Editor.
    WordPres Appearance Editor
  3. Click Theme Footer to jump to the footer.php code. You will get that option on the right side of the screen.
    WordPress Theme footer
  4. Locate the line containing Powered by. You should be able to find that line quite easily as footer.php does not have a lot of code.
    WordPress footer.php Powered by WordPress line
  5. You can change it to anything else or delete the entire line. This is how footer.php looks like after removing the particular line.
    WordPress footer.php without Powered by WordPress
  6. After that click Update File button on the left bottom of your screen to apply the changes.

Now, you will no longer see the Powered by WordPress text at the bottom of your website.

Option 3— Using CSS to hide footer credits

The CSS method looks relatively simple to implement, but it increases the risk of getting penalized by Google and other search engines. This technique is very popular among spammers. As a consequence, Google can penalize your website for hiding links using CSS. We strongly recommend using this method only if methods provided above are not suitable for you.

If your theme does not have custom CSS section, you will have to install an additional plugin to complete this step. For example, Simple Custom CSS will do the job:

  1. Acess WordPress administrator area.
    WordPress Login Page
  2. Find the Custom CSS button. If you have installed Simple Custom CSS plugin, the button will be under Appearance section. If your theme has custom CSS option, it should be under Theme Options section.
    WordPress Custom CSS Option
  3. You can hide footer credits by using CSS display:none rule. Depending on your theme this rule should be applied to a particular CSS class or ID. For example, default footer credits class for Twenty Seventeen theme is .site-info. You can use Chrome Developer tools to find the class / ID name. Enter the rule in the field and press Update Custom CSS button.
    WordPress Update Custom CSS Button


In this tutorial you have learned three methods to remove powered by WordPress from the footer:

  1. Using theme options
  2. Using PHP
  3. Using CSS.

We recommend using the first two approaches as using the third option may put your website under SEO risk.

As demonstrated by the methods above, removing the Powered by WordPress footer from your site is rather simple. You just need to follow the step by step procedure. All of the options are available from the WordPress admin area and can be performed by even a beginner WordPress user.

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