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30-day money-back guarantee

Single Shared Hosting

SAVE 90%

£2.45/mo when you renew

  • check 1 Website
  • check 1 Email Account
  • check Limited Bandwidth (100 GB)
  • check 1X Processing Power & Memory

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Premium Shared Hosting

SAVE 82%

£2.95/mo when you renew

  • check Unlimited* Number of Websites
  • check Unlimited* Email Accounts
  • check Unlimited* Bandwidth
  • check 2X Processing Power & Memory

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Business Shared Hosting

SAVE 78%

£5.95/mo when you renew

  • check All Benefits From Premium
  • check Daily Backups
  • check Free SSL Certificate
  • check 4X Processing Power & Memory

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Did you know? Personal free domains are included in annual Premium & Business web hosting plans!

Crazy Discounts, Fully Professional Packages

With our special Black Friday and Cyber Monday web hosting deals you get the same reliable packages – but at a much better price:

Single Shared Hosting

Perfect for those who are just starting out and need a reliable server they can experiment on, learn the ropes of online marketing or set up their very first blog, WordPress site or a small eCommerce store. Favorite hosting plan of all beginners.

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Premium Shared Hosting

Ideal for online websites, stores, and blogs that are already receiving some traffic. Often selected by intermediate online marketers and entrepreneurs who operate more than one website and value flexibility and extra resources compared to the single plan.

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Business Shared Hosting

Prepared specifically for serious entrepreneurs and experienced marketers who need performance, security and daily backups. Thanks to 4x the processing power memory compared to the basic plan, our Business Plan is a real performance monster.

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Start Smooth with a Free Domain

Succeed online

Make a great first impression and have a website that visitors want to come back to. To ensure your success, we give you both: when you register for an annual premium or business hosting plan at an unbeatable price with our Black Friday or Cyber Monday web hosting deals, you get a domain completely free. No strings attached.

Sky-rocket your web presence

Take advantage of cutting-edge web hosting, 99.9% uptime, and some of the highest speeds in the industry for an unbeatable price, while making the best first impression possible with your preferred domain name completely free. Don’t miss our Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

Start Smooth with a Free Domain

Why You Can’t Say No to Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals?

This November is going to be special – at Hostinger, we are going to offer web hosting deals that our customers have never seen before.

A massive hosting discount of up to 90% allows you to grab one of the best servers in the industry for the whole year and save hundreds of dollars on server costs. Just imagine what you could achieve in that time if you had a reliable and fast server!

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out, are a seasonal online marketer or an experienced entrepreneur – our discount web hosting has plans designed specifically for you! But, hurry up – our unbeatable pricing is about to expire and won’t return for at least a full year!

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Unbeatable Reliability – 29,000,000 Customers Can’t Be Wrong

WordPress Friendly

Do you work with WordPress but hate that it’s slow on some platforms? Our servers come with extra optimization specifically for this popular CMS what allows us to provide all WP users with extra speed and comfort.

Fast and Reliable

We understand that web hosting is a foundation on which you build your business. You want it to be fast and accessible 24/7 – that’s exactly what Hostinger has to offer.

Unbeatable Reliability – 29,000,000 Customers Can’t Be Wrong

Free SSL

Get a free SSL certificate for your website and ensure that your visitors and their data are properly secured. Starting with July 2018, SSLs are required by Google and all sites without one will be marked as "Not Secure”.

Unlimited Resources

Our Premium and Business plans come with unlimited bandwidth. And all that is topped by our 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Round-the-Clock Support

At Hostinger, we understand that in business, time is money and how important it is to solve any arising problems. That’s why our experienced support team is there to help you 24/7/365.

Easy-to-Use Website Builder

No coding skills? No problem! Our intuitive (and free!) Website builder will help you get your site up and running in no time – even if you have never written a single line of code!

We Went Crazy – But You Can Still Rely on Us When It Matters

Your customers won’t wait for you to get your site back up and running. Get a hosting package from a team that will ensure your visitors are able to visit your site anytime they want.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cyber Monday Deals

How can I purchase Black Friday or Cyber Monday hosting?

It’s easy! Once Black Friday and Cyber Monday start, just scroll up to the pricing table and select the deal that you’re interested in. No web host promo codes necessary – just select the plan and make a purchase.

Is there any difference between Black Friday/Cyber Monday hosting and ordinary Hostinger’s hosting?

No – and that’s what’s so great about this deal. We guarantee that all Black Friday and Cyber Monday hosting plans are identical to what you would get for a full price – so hurry up, the clock is ticking and the 90% deals are about to disappear!

Why is your hosting so cheap?

We don’t bill our customers for hype and marketing. Our competitive prices are a result of great server optimization and smart pricing policies and we do our best to offer affordable web hosting for both beginners and more advanced customers.

Of course, thanks to our mad Black Friday and Cyber Monday web hosting deals, the packages are up to 90% cheaper – but the offer is time limited!

For how long Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are going to be available?

We’re going to offer our discounted web hosting exclusively during Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Probably not longer though. Not that we’re trying to rush you.

How does Hostinger’s web hosting works?

When you sign up for our web hosting, you get allocated space on one of our servers. From the moment you sign up, it will be available for you to store your website files, databases and whatever else you want. You can access the flies and manage your website, emails, FTP accounts and install server applications using our convenient custom-built control panel.

How can I setup Hostinger’s account?

Our onboarding process is very straightforward – just pick a hosting plan, register, and you’re done - we boast an instant hosting account set up.

Is technical knowledge required to use Hostinger’s hosting?

No – and that’s what’s so great about our offer! You don’t have to know a single line of code to sign up, deploy different applications or even build a fully functioning website. We offer a free web hosting builder and our custom-made control panel allows you to do tens of different operations – from setting up an email account to installing WordPress – in just a couple of clicks.

What kind of hosting should I choose for my projects?

It depends on whether you are an experienced Webmaster or you are just starting out. If you want to set up your very first blog, Single Shared Hosting will be perfect for you. But, if you would like to move multiple websites over to Hostinger, you should look at more advanced plans. If you predict you’ll have to upgrade soon, take advantage of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals and grab our advanced plans at an insanely-affordable price!

How to build a website with Hostinger?

There are many different ways in which you can create your own website. For example, you can use the free website builder that comes with every hosting package or install a content management system such as WordPress which you can then modify using different plug-ins and themes.

The best about the majority of such solutions is that they are WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get. This means that you can usually just drag-and-drop different elements and customize your website without any coding work.

Will I get a discount if I want to upgrade my current plan?

Of course! Login to your Hostinger control panel to receive your Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal.

Almost all of our customers end up upgrading once their current hosting plans become too small for their growing businesses. If you are unsure whether your current plan is sufficient for the number of visitors that you receive, just ask – we will be happy to give you a hand.

In fact, we have streamlined the upgrade process to the point where you don’t have to do anything else other than choosing the new package. That way you can focus on what matters the most – growing your business.

Do you have any customer support service?

Sure! One of the biggest benefits of hosting with Hostinger is that you get access to our highly qualified team 24/7/365. No matter the time or the problem, just shoot us a message – we are always ready to help you.

Is it possible to run eCommerce websites with Hostinger?

Yes. Our servers come with a variety of eCommerce platforms and content management systems that integrate online commerce capabilities. All of them can be deployed within seconds using our one-click installer.

Can I migrate my website to Hostinger?

Sure – we welcome websites of all sizes. In fact, we can help you out – just get in touch and let us know the details of your website, what content management system you use and which plan you’re interested in. We offer server migration services free of charge. Hint: If you’re looking to switch your web hosting, Black Friday is the best time of the year to do so – we offer discounts of up to 90%!

How can I use my free domain?

You can use it with any site you want even if it’s not hosted with Hostinger. Just make sure to sign up before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hosting deals start. There are no strings attached – it’s just like any other domain name. Just better – because it’s from Hostinger.

Can I use a domain name to create a domain-based email address?

Naturally! A professional email address is a must if you want your business to be professional, trustworthy and credible.

Are there any additional fees at Hostinger?

No, there are none – and it doesn’t matter whether you buy one of our Black Friday or Cyber Monday web hosting deals or you get it at a standard price. You pay only for the plans and the add-ons that you choose during sign up - we won’t charge you for anything else. You will also get an invoice every month listing all of the services that you are billed for.

How do you ensure security?

Our servers use a real-time Web Application Firewall to protect your site from various threats that lurk on the web, such as DDoS attacks, brute-force attempts and malware. Additionally we offer SSL certificates to protect sensitive visitor data and CloudFlare to add an additional layer of protection & speed.

Do you have enterprise solutions?

If your online project blows up and you start needing more power, we'll have all you need to succeed. If you know server management, you'll be able to take advantage of our virtual server (VPS). Alternatively, you can opt for a seamless upgrade to our cloud hosting platform, where you get more power without any technical struggles.