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Create and deploy PHP applications on high-performance servers.

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Best PHP Hosting Experience Guaranteed

Powerful and robust tools, that will let you get the most out of PHP hosting.

Best PHP Hosting Experience Guaranteed

Git Integration

Enhance your workflow by deploying your applications directly from the public Git repository.

PHP Version Control

Switch between versions 5.2 to 7.4 and manage extensions with essential PHP values.

Access Manager

Easily cooperate with multiple developers by granting them access to services of your choosing.

Why PHP hosting?

Our tech engineers monitor all servers round the clock to ensure that the latest performance updates are at your disposal! And if you need any help, a dedicated team of support experts are eager to assist you 24/7!


HTTP/2 is enabled across all servers. Process more requests quicker!

Cache Manager

Set up server-side caching to dramatically increase page speed.

Optimized Stack

Get the latest PHP and MySQL updates right at your doorstep.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with Hostinger, we'll refund your payment. No questions asked.

PHP Hosting FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about PHP Hosting

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What Is PHP Hosting?

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